Oct 18 2011

Breaking In & Finding a Home

I am the first to admit that prior to my immersion into Twitter, I felt that the way I teach was in a bubble and no where close to where/how my colleagues taught the same course. I integrated tech, mandated choice in topics, and more that seemed against the grain of my peers. Twitter has introduced me to terms that I can relate to and are very comfortable attaching to myself.

Digital Humanities is one of these terms. I can sense it truely enveloping and enhancing not only what and how I teach, but who I am as an educator.

The one hiccup is, I am so incredibly green to this world, I feel, somehow, lacking and have an almost insatiable drive to discover all I can. I often feel like I am teaching on an island with methods and pedagogy and I am hoping others do too.

I’d love for this to be an open discussion session, perhaps building off of Friday’s session on the Intro and more. Others could discuss how them came into this field of study, what it means and where to go next. Also, I would love to discuss how to talk to others in my department, and beyond, about the ins and outs without the quizzical looks that I get now.

I acknowledge, and embrace my newness, but I also feel that this community could be my educational home. I’d ultimately appreciate some help delving into further discussions into this.

About the author

Vanessa Alander

Teach First-Year Composition and Literature Courses where I stress use of technology and digital footprints. My courses urge students to find their own place in the digital world through their work in my courses.

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