Oct 18 2011

the all-DH major


What if you had a major or a track or a school that was ALL-DH? How would you build that and what courses would be in it and what would people do with the degree during and after?

Let’s imagine it!

The outcome of this discussion will be the curriculum or program description of a four-year DH degree.

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I try to understand teaching and learning and organize people to collaboratively identify related challenges and develop and test experimental solutions

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  1. Tona

    amen to this one. It wraps in my idea about the intro course and makes it part of something that could be very, very cool.

  2. hope.greenberg

    Oh yes, a curriculum is much more fun than a single course….now where did I stash that old one I dreamed up so many years ago…maybe its time has come…
    (and Hi Tona!)

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