Oct 14 2011

Lightning Presentations (AKA Dork Shorts)

Dork shorts boardAre you working on an awesome digital humanities project? Are you using a great DH tool? Do you want people at THATCamp New England to know about it? Our lightning presentations (often called Dork Shorts) are your chance.

During our only plenary session on Saturday, October 22, we will have time for anyone who would like to give a very, very brief presentation of his or her project. Here are the rules:

  1. You get two (2) minutes. No exceptions. No extensions.
  2. First come, first served. We’ll let people present in the order that you sign up, first here on the website, and second on the morning of THATCamp.
  3. All you get is a web browser. No PowerPoint! If you sign up below with one URL, I’ll have it ready for you in advance; otherwise you’ll have to waste some of your 120 seconds. Pro tip: use bit.ly.

So if you want to do a lightning presentation, leave a comment with a link below. Have fun!

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Lincoln Mullen

Lincoln Mullen is an assistant professor in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University.

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  1. Tona

    Lightning, as in “quick burst of light and energy” or Lightening, as in “makes your burden less heavy”? The word play is making me smile. I guess it can be both…

  2. mimber

    I have a Roman History assignment (rap video on the life of Caesar) that I’ve found to be very effective in a survey course. The video (and rap) are the culmination of a project that involves a lot of reading/writing assignments.


  3. Jean Bauer

    I’d like to do a lighting talk on my database schema visualization tool, DAVILA. www.jeanbauer.com/davila.html

  4. Kathryn Hammond Baker

    I’d like to present on a digital library project, the Medical Heritage Library, that is expanding content and conducting research on the needs of researchers for related tools and services.

  5. courtneymichael

    We’d like to present our “Participatory Cataloging” project from the WGBH Media Library and Archives. We are looking for scholars to make use of our material and contribute metadata to our catalog through tagging, note-taking and publication.

  6. Cira Browm

    Hi! I’d love to do a lightning presentation on my Associative Glossary. This custom-coded web-based tool dynamically displays related ideas/demographics/events, people and corresponding time periods. I initially developed this to organize information about the history of early modern physics, but it could be applied to any historical or literary data set.

    A work-in-progress example can be found here:

  7. Jamie Jungmin Yoo

    Dear all,

    It’s my first ThatCamp – frankly I feel rather overwhelmed but will try to experience as much as I can, including this dork short presentation. Here is the link for my on-going work on Social Network Analysis and Literary Communities in the Late 18th century Seoul, Korea.


    Thanks a lot. See you all this weekend! — Jamie

  8. Thomas Dodson

    I’d like to present on Yana, an open source template for scholarly and literary journals to develop mobile applications.

    Here is a shortened URL: hvrd.me/qQPVIW.

  9. Kathryn

    I’d like to present on a digital library project, the Medical Heritage Library, that is expanding content and conducting research on the needs of researchers for related tools and services.

    Forgot to send the URL: www.medicalheritage.org

  10. Maximilian Schich

    Hi, I’d like to present a systematic way to visualize emerging complexity in a scholarly database: revealingmatrices.schich.info/fig/3.htm – Best, Max

  11. Guy Massie

    I’d like to run a lightning presentation on a digital history crowdsourcing project I’ve worked on over the summer. It uses Ushahidi to accept submissions (via SMS and other media) about local history.

    The website is www.heritagecrowd.org and I’d like to use it in the presentation!

  12. Ben Brophy

    Our interactive time line of student generated content on the Russian revolution in 1917


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