Oct 18 2011

Discussion of Learning Analytics Project Development Workshop

New Media Consortium and the NorthEast Regional Learning Analytics group are organizing a collaborative let’s-think-about-possible-learning-analytics-projects opportunity Halloween week. Teams from 5 organizations will develop and give feedback on each other’s ideas; there is room for another. It’s a great place, if you have a feeling that you might have the spark of the germ of the soul of the shadow of the hint of the embryo of an idea, to explore that idea in a supportive, reflective, energetic, welcoming environment. And to learn more about Learning Analytics. And to network with some funky data-collecting learning-likers. And then subsequently to show off your idea to the world via an optional webinar preso. See my related blog post: wedaman.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/nmc-nerla-learning-analytics-workshop-webinar/.  The product of this conversation will be discussion of the event, a brainstorm of possible learning analytics ideas (particularly those that include DHness) captured in a google doc, and possible formation of a robust and inspired team for participation in the aforementioned workshop.

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I try to understand teaching and learning and organize people to collaboratively identify related challenges and develop and test experimental solutions

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