Oct 18 2011

Give me your metadata, your text…

your scribbled notes yearning to breath free…

the wonderful refuse of your scholarly process…

send these, the ephemeral, tempest-tost to me..

I lift my lamp beside the golden repository!

Scholars use archives. Scholars take notes. Scholars produce based on these archives and notes. How can the archivist and librarian make use of this process to enhance access to their materials? What tools are necessary for scholars to contribute to the descriptive processes of archivists and librarians? How can this be more of a give and take relationship, as opposed to the current situation where the archivist processes, makes available, and then the scholar makes use. How can we encourage a collaborative process that benefits both parties and makes use of open web technologies to benefit our larger audiences?

About the author


I'm a project manager in the WGBH Media Library & Archives interested in getting our materials out of the vault and into the hands of researchers. I'm particularly interested in collaborating with scholars who want to use our material digital humanities projects and, in return, contribute data to our collection catalog.

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  1. Jennifer

    Sounds great!!

  2. elizabethcornell

    Yes, great questions!

  3. MJessup

    Ditto! I am also an archivist and this sounds like a great topic.

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