Oct 18 2011

imagine a commoditized university

The threat of the Khan Academy is looming over higher ed. ¬†Of course this is the idea of wholesale, direct-to-consumer, commodification of learning “chunks,” that the individual might subscribe to at a distance at their convenience without needing to enroll in all the trappings of the university/college and at great personal cost savings.
Sooner or later we’ll have to think about how to respond to this trend.
I propose we can use this session to make it sooner: let’s imagine a world where we ALSO provide commodified chunks of learning wholesale. What would the chunks be? How organized? What support structure needed? How produced at scale? And how could DH play a part? Could DH take the lead?
Ideas gathered into a collaboratively-created list to be published in ePub format.

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I try to understand teaching and learning and organize people to collaboratively identify related challenges and develop and test experimental solutions

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