Oct 18 2011

learning about learning

The trend of shifting from teacher-centric to learner-centric education is moving towards making the skill of learning itself part of the point of every class.

Some might but most schools don’t have a course on learning. Which is silly, because it’s what we expect people to do while here. And helping them think about it would probably improve their chances to do it.

I propose a session to develop a collaborative syllabus on learning itself, inventing, borrowing, imagining, as necessary. With an eye to DH-style learning (to be relevant to THATCamp). And I propose we envision this course on learning as a, um, syndicated course: that is, taught and attended by students and teachers from a network of schools (so no one school can suppress it).

I ALSO imagine, in my eagerness, that out of this might come a wonderful research project (with associated funding?): sending a cohort of students through LEARNING 101 (the intensive, introspective learning course we would devise) and comparing their development over their college career with a control group of um non-trained learners.

Product: a syllabus

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I try to understand teaching and learning and organize people to collaboratively identify related challenges and develop and test experimental solutions

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