Oct 18 2011

Local TV News use in digital humanities

I’d like to discuss how large local tv news collections that are on-line might be used in the digital humanities.  There are several potential avenues of use.  The first is to use the large digital library collection of news materials to teach research skills and how to maneuver through large digital libraries of media.  We’d also like to know how best to present these large collections for the easiest access.  Another is looking at the collections as windows into our cultural history.  How does having a visual and audio record change the interpretation of history?  Third is looking at it through the lens of media literacy – what stories were covered, why, and how – from what perspective.  How can a researcher compare different coverage of the same event, or similar events in different locations?

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I oversee the WGBH Media Library and Archives (MLA) and I am committed to making WGBH historical materials available to scholars, researchers, educators and the public. The MLA is responsible for the acquiring, safe keeping, long term preservation and access to all the production materials WGBH creates.

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  1. elizabethcornell

    A great idea, which also raises questions about fair use. Your position at WGBH (my favorite station!) probably has placed you in the thick of that debate. Fair use should definitely be a part of the discussion you propose.

  2. Nicola

    This is a great topic. I’m sure these collections are goldmines of fascinating information. My experience working with online video collections has been that the newer the material is, the tighter the copyright restrictions, which can hinder their educational potential. I agree that fair use should be part of this discussion. The more materials released into the public domain, the better!

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