Oct 21 2011

Text encoding (editing, modeling, metadata, TEI, skills, tools…)

Can’t help but offer this – a session in which to discuss the hows and whys of text encoding using XML and TEI. The discussion can also encompass databases used for digital text.

This is primarily a practical discussion, to share how participants engage with text encoding, their methods and tools. However, it is important to keep it in the context of text encoding as a conscious scholarly and research practice.

The discussion can range over what text encoding is about, how it helps, what to keep an eye out for, best practices for using it in a class, for research and publication. When is it easier or more appropriate to encode metadata rather than¬†¬†“data?” What about other schemas? (Yes, I know the plural is schemata, but in XML, the plurals is schemas.)

This session could be a discussion among experienced users, or an introduction for novices. There are plenty of experts attending THATCamp who could lead it.


About the author

Elli Mylonas

Senior Digital Humanities Librarian and former classicist, and in the Center for Digital Scholarship where I work on digital humanities projects. Generally a text-based life form, but flirts with spatial and visual symbolic representations.

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  1. Jamie Jungmin Yoo

    love this! personally i really learn about this!!

  2. elizabethcornell

    Yes! Sounds great. I am a total novice about this subject.

  3. Sean Wang

    I second Elizabeth’s comment above! As a novice, I would really like to learn about text encoding.

  4. Siobhan Senier

    count me in as well

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