Jul 02 2011

THATCamp New England and NERCOMP Together

Your local THATCamp New England organizers have gotten together with the fine folks over at NERCOMP to create a partnership that we hope will be a big help to THATCamp.

First, let me explain the problem that THATCamp New England faces. The greatest strength of the regional THATCamps is that they’re lightweight. There is no bureaucracy. We don’t even have a bank account. Sounds ideal, right? It is, until you want to hold a second, or third, or tenth THATCamp New England. It becomes very difficult to transfer funds from one place to the next, and it becomes hard to maintain institutional continuity. In other words, the organizers have to build each new THATCamp New England from the ground up.

What if it were possible to keep the THATCamp New England organization lightweight, and have the advantages of long-term institutional stability, and get a pile of cash at the same time? Enter NERCOMP.

The NERCOMP officers have graciously drafted a memorandum of understanding with the THATCamp New England organizers. Its most important provisions are these:

  • The agreement will last for four years, beginning July 2011. Each year both parties will have the option to dissolve the partnership if they chose.
  • NERCOMP will act as THATCamp New England’s banker, accepting donations and disbursing funds on its behalf.
  • THATCamp New England and NERCOMP will cooperate in organizing shared events that benefit both of their constituencies.
  • NERCOMP will donate $3,000 per year to THATCamp New England operating expenses.

This partnership has the approval of the THATCamp New England organizers and we expect the approval of the NERCOMP board soon. We also have the blessing of CHNM via Amanda French. We plan to sign the memorandum in a couple of weeks. But since THATCamp New England is a community-organized event, we want to give you a chance to comment publicly. Leave your thoughts below by Friday, July 9. After that, we’ll feel free to put the agreement into place.

About the author

Lincoln Mullen

Lincoln Mullen is an assistant professor in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University.

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