Oct 14 2011

“Training the Trainers” for DH

I am interested in developing/learning about new (painless and fruitful) techniques regarding introducing and familiarizing librarians and archivists with Digital Humanities and Digital History resources in order to help them better inform and engage with both DH resistant and enthusiastic teaching faculty.  A “training the trainers” methodology.

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  1. keywords.fordhamitac.org

    I too would like to see a session such as this. Would it be possible to expand it to humanities teachers? They’re an important user group of these tools and techniques, and they need to be encouraged to use and introduce them to their students. If students and teachers demand them, librarians will be encouraged to supply them. In other words, I think librarians, teachers, and researchers could work together.

    Can you expand on the specific techniques you’d like to explore? Would this include techniques for using databases and data collection tools? Creating databases?

    Thanks for making this proposal.

  2. Amanda Rust

    I’m particularly intrigued by this phrase: “help them better inform and engage with both DH resistant and enthusiastic teaching faculty”. I’ve been pondering ways to drum up support for new DH programs, and some sort of “Digital Humanities Roadshow” that would serve to introduce librarians, archivists, teachers, and education administration to the value of DH would help.

    I’m possibly thinking of something that’s almost a step before train-the-trainers, or something that’s more about giving the trainers talking points and a big-picture view. Helping them become advocates — does that fit into this session, too?

    This is a good idea, thanks for posting.

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